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2 Pack of Mane Hair Thickening Spray

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We invented and coined the term 'Mane' in 1970 and were the first to patent it in 1974.  Fast forward some 50 years and we have helped thousands of customers around Australia look their best!  Mane is a 100% Australian Product and we support local Australian businesses in the procurement and manufacture of all our products.  It's organic ingredients are completely safe and simple to use for all hair types and conditions.
Mane is by no means a cure for baldness - just a cosmetically brilliant product helping men and women be their more confident self.  It's a cost effective solution to covering bald spots, adding body and volume to thinning hair and it's easy to apply.  In a matter of seconds you can have thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair.  Whats more, it's perfect for everyday use whether you are looking to boost your confidence, suffer from conditions such as Alopecia or you're just not happy with the current condition of your hair.
Mane is also widely used and supported by Hair Transplant Clinics and patients particularly during the 'Anagen' or regrowth stage.
Thinning Hair, Hair Loss, Alopecia and many other hair conditions can affect people in different ways.  The reality is most of us are likely to experience it at one stage or another and it affects both men and women. 
We know this can impact your confidence and may affect your work and social life.

• Thickens your hair in seconds
• Give your hair body & volume
• Won't run off in water 
• 100% Australian Made
• Est 1972

Customer Reviews

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Mark Tully
the best - know have thicker hair

Great product - easy to apply and lasts a long time