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3 Pack Vanish Gold Pro Stain Remover Spray 450ml

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Vanish Preen Gold Oxi Action Ultra Power Stain Remover Spray is colour safe.Our best for tough & dried in stains.
Acts on stains 1st time
-    Red Wine.
-    Grass.
-    Tomato Sauce.
-    Cooking Oil.
-    Food Grease.
-    Sweat.
-    Makeup.
-    Lipstick.
-    Dirt.
-    Directions
-    Do not swallow.

Open: Spray and saturate stained area completely.
Spray: Leave for 1-5 mins (5 min max) and rub fabric lightly as necessary.
Wash: Wash by the following garment care instructions.
Some stains may require a second treatment after wash.
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place.
Product Warnings
Do not swallow. Hydrogen peroxide in product may sometimes have a temporary whitening effect on skin. Do not mix with other products.