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About Us

Hi, I’m Mark, and I love buying stuff.

Hi, I’m Mark, and I love buying stuff.

My everyday job for the last 25 years has been simply, buying all sorts of products, and spending my client’s money, in the commercial side of business that is. I have always found this to be a win-win for me, the joy of buying something and not having to pay for it personally, but I don’t get to keep the products either.

I don’t just buy anything, I have been helping my business clients get what they are after with great value for money. I achieve this by using my strong negotiation skills to obtain best prices and the best quality that their budgets allow.

I am now so excited to be able to buy great products at great prices and offer them to the everyday consumers, and not just the commercial industry. I now get to buy even more great products and make even more people across Australia happy as they benefit from my passion for negotiating the next great deal.

I hope that as we build and improve our public on-line shop, that everybody has an opportunity to get some of the bargains that we can offer. We want people to keep coming back to Always On Sale and enjoy the benefits of my passion for buying things.

Cheers, Mark